Sketchup Architectural & Custom 3D Modeling Tutor / Services

Sketchup Architectural & Custom 3D Modeling Tutor / Services

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Geoff B.

$80 / Hour

Freelance 3D modeler for advanced Sketchup & Layout. I teach architectural modeling, interiors, landscape design, product drawings, 3D prints & more.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Geoff. I have been a professional designer since 1999, and a 3D modeling teacher since 2005.  I’ve taught Sketchup at Front Range Community College, the University of Colorado and have taught hundreds of students online.

My interest in SketchUp started with my love for snowboarding. I started designing and building snowboard parks when I was 18.  SketchUp was the perfect tool for the job.  It allowed me to quickly draw the 3D ideas I had in my head.  In the summers, I started teaching architects how to use the program. Compared to the complex curves of terrain parks, the straight lines in architecture were easy. Over the years I made thousands of models and have expanded my skills to include product design, 3D print modeling, construction documents, Layout, piping models, topographic models, and various other projects.

SketchUp has helped me realize my love for design, modeling, and teaching. I’d like share my love for the program with you, complete your drawings, and help you meet your deadlines.   No matter where you live, what age, or what ability level, I can help you realize your dreams in 3D!

3 Types of Service


Customized 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. Don’t waste time & money in class. Learn only what you need for your specific projects, and nothing more!


Share screens with me to cut costs and learn along the way. More communication increases my understanding of your project


Hourly rate or fixed price for agreed upon deliverables and deadlines.



My schedule is flexible during these hours: Monday-Friday 6am- 5pm MST (8am-7pm EST)


I am located in Denver, Colorado, but help students worldwide via Zoom screenshare.


$80 / Hour
$1.33 / Minute
No Minimums. Please call even if you have one simple question.


  • Sketchup tutor
  • Layout tutor
  • 2D drawings to 3D models conversion
  • Single & multi-family architectural 3D modeling
  • Residential & commercial interior and exterior models
  • Conceptual architectural 3D modeling
  • 3D Landscape modeling
  • Topographic models and contours
  • Product design modeling
  • Prototype models and drawings
  • 3D print modeling
  • Converting AutoCAD DWG files to Sketchup
  • Complex roof modeling
  • 3D piping models
  • Personal instruction for any of the topics above

Conceptual Architectural 3D Sketchup Models

Initial volume studies and architectural spacial planning can be a great decision making and communication tool between architects, builders, interior designers, and homeowners. These models can be a great start for construction documentation and detail drawings later in the process. 3D models are great for wrapping your head around complex roof design modeling and complicated architectural spaces. Design and build at the same time in a way that your clients can understand. Sketchup is your answer for 3D!

3D Models for Construction and Manufacturing

Many architectural design-build firms model their structures down to the last bolt. This is great for evaluating and presenting the design before its built.  It can save money on costly changes down the road. It also is helpful in ordering materials, creating cut-lists, and understanding complex shapes. I have used Sketchup to help clients build architectural framing, steel framing,  complex rooflines, rapid prototyping, manufacturing and product designs of all sizes. Whether you need help with construction documentation, or just finding a simple square footage measurement, I can help.

3D Landscape & Terrain Modeling from 2D Contour Lines

With Sketchup you can use 2d contour lines to create 3D models that are easily understood by clients and investors. I have created models for housing developments, excavations, geofoam projects,  ski/snowboard terrain parks and many other applications

Modeling for 3D Printing

Creating a model for 3D printing can be harder than it seems. I can teach you to use Sketchup to create models that are printable. Go from hand drawing, to a 3D model to a 3D print in a couple of days- or a couple of hours if you have your own 3D printer. I have created 3D topography models, patent prototypes, and even my wife’s engagement ring!

Custom 3D Furniture Modeling

Plan, design and model your custom furniture.  3D furniture modeling allows you to get your clients to sign off on your design before you start building.  You can create and modify your models easily.  You can scale and dimension your models to be used for as construction aids. You can also use a CNC machine or other digital manufacturing techniques to create your furniture directly from your model.

Custom 3D Models for any Industry

Convert your custom 2D plans to complex 3D models that everyone can understand. I can teach you to use Sketchup for plumbing and piping models, sprinter van conversions, gym equipment modeling, complex staircases, event planning, prototyping, artistic creations, woodwork and more.  The possibilities are endless!

Interior Design

Learn to make custom interior design models with your own private Sketchup tutor online. Start from scratch or change your 2D floorplan pdf or AutoCAD file into a 3D model. Bring your interior spaces to life with colors, textures, lighting and basic rendering. Choose from thousands of furniture models in the 3D warehouse and design tools from the extension warehouse. Sketchup works for kitchen/bath design, cabinet design, landscape design, exteriors and custom spaces too.


Instruction from Geoff is certainly money well spent. We made more progress in 8 hours than I made in 8 weeks of trying to figure it out myself. I highly recommend his service.

Ontario, Canada

Timothy L

I came into contact with Geoff Bostwick as an excellent candidate to prepare the Sketchup drawings for the addition to my home in Boulder, Colorado. He also prepared thorough lessons so that I could work on and navigate through the design myself. He is knowledgeable, insightful, professional, quick and his pleasant personality would make a fine addition to any project that he was involved with.

Boulder, CO

Daniel T

Simply stated Mr. Bostwick is a thorough and talented professional. My opinion is he is a conscientious tutor that is well versed in the Sketch-Up computer program, of which I am interested. Mr. Bostwick is patient and knowledgeable. I find asking him questions and reviewing our work to be easy. As an adjunct college professor I find my lessons with Mr. Bostwick to be interesting and agreeable. He is also a perfectionist and strives for his students to understand that accuracy and detail in our work is of the utmost importance, especially looking to the final outcome. He is multifaceted and I count myself as extremely luckily to have made his acquaintance and to have him as a guide -counselor and teacher. He knows his stuff.

New York, NY

Sandy P

​I recommend Geoff because he addressed my specific problem. With Geoff my projects immediately became more fun. If time is precious and you want to create professional looking designs, try TutorsAndServices. Their fees are reasonable and you’ll be surprised at how your productivity improves.

Ottawa, Canada

Herman V

Geoff, your expertise creating a Sketchup plan not only sold my prospective client on the project, I have used the drawing numerous times to show other clients resulting in additional business. Thank you for being quick on the turnaround and such a pleasure to work with! I will be in touch for additional work in the future.

Catio Spaces

Seattle, WA

Cynthia C

Geoff was great! We worked in both in person and via screen share to create a very helpful Sketchup of my property for planning exterior improvements.

Folsom Duplex, LLC

Boulder, CO

Brook S

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Vanessa N.
Vanessa N.
18:36 19 Jan 22
Geoff is an excellent tutor. Extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter and very easy going and patient! I highly recommend him and look forward to he and his team continuing to help me in my Sketch Up and Rendering work ahead.
Joe C.
Joe C.
22:45 06 Dec 21
I’m a GC and I needed some plans of a home in Boulder. Geoff was prompt and professional. Very easy to work with.
Brittney M.
Brittney M.
16:22 02 Nov 21
After taking a 4 day SketchUp for Interior Design course with Geoff I was hooked. I went on to hire him for additional one-on-one lessons that dive deeper into architectural and construction modeling. With Geoff Bostwick's help I am learning SketchUp quickly and efficiently. If I would have known... about sooner; I would have skipped the expensive 4 day course and just gone straight to the one-on-one classes. Thank you Geoff for being a great teacher!read more
Ashley C.
Ashley C.
23:13 26 Oct 21
Geoff was helpful and thorough, clear, direct communication and tailored the lesson specifically to my project. Very happy with his services. Will book again.
idraw H.
idraw H.
13:03 07 Oct 21
This is my first time working with Tutors and Services. The Owner (Geoff) and the technician (Shanthi) are very responsive, have a great attitude and are very detailed and pleasant ! Pricing is sensible and the staff make sure that hours and deliverables represent fair value. (Sketchup Project)
Chad R.
Chad R.
15:48 09 Sep 21
Geoffrey was great to work with for he was able to transform my 2D concept into a practical 3D landscape using Sketchup.
Milena A.
Milena A.
14:48 11 May 21
Geoff B. with Sketchup on TutorsandServices is a delight to learn from! He is reliable and easy going about teaching simple ways to understanding Sketchup. I rely on him periodically.

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Sketchup Architectural & Custom 3D Modeling Tutor / Services

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