Mechanical Engineer & Fusion 360 Tutor for 3D CAD Models

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Matt L.

$75 / Hour

I have used Fusion 360 as the primary design software for my own product development company, helping my clients turn their ideas into reality.

Tutoring and Services Offered:

Tutoring for:

Fusion 360

Services Provided:

Design Validation
Photorealistic Renderings
2D Detail Drawings

3 Types of Service


Customized 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. Don’t waste time & money in class. Learn only what you need for your specific projects, and nothing more!


Share screens with me to cut costs and learn along the way. More communication increases my understanding of your project


Hourly rate or fixed price for agreed upon deliverables and deadlines.



My schedule is flexible, I can meet whenever is best for you.


I am located in Glassboro, NJ, but help students worldwide via Zoom screenshare.


$75 / Hour
$1.25 / Minute
No Minimums. Please call even if you have one simple question.

My Special Offer

I offer a free 15 minute consultation!

Call or send me a message, and I'd be happy to discuss your project.​

1-on-1 Software Tutoring For:

Fusion 360

Turn your ideas and concept sketches into detailed 3D models that you can share with clients and business partners. Fusion 360 is a full featured Computer Aided Design Ecosystem which is free for non commercial use.

With Fusion 360 you can create:

2D/3D Sketches
Parametric Solid Models
Surface Models
Bent Sheet Metal Models with flat patterns
Mesh Models
Multi Part Assemblies with Motion and Contact
2D Detailed Mechanical Drawings 

Custom Services Provided

Design Validation

Utilize advanced design evaluation tools to ensure when your parts make it to the real world they function as expected. The ability to identify and resolve potential issues before you’ve invested in physical samples can save you thousands of dollars.

With Fusion 360 you can create:

Static Stress Studies (Finite Element Analysis)
Draft Analysis to Evaluate Injection Molding Performance
Tooling Analysis to Evaluate CNC Machining Performance/Cost
Mass/Volume Analysis to Determine Shipping Costs

Photorealistic Renderings

Create marketable images and animations of your design. These renderings can assist with market research, brand identity development, advertising and much more.

​With Fusion 360 you can create:

Custom Materials and Textures
Animated Renderings
​360 Degree Turntable Renderings
Renderings with Logos and Decals

2D Detail Drawings

Create 2D drawings to specify information about your models. These documents are critical for manufacturers to ensure the parts they make meet your quality standards.

With Fusion 360 you can create:

Dynamically Linked Drawings
Geometric Dimension and Tolerance Callouts (GD&T)
Custom Drawing Formats Featuring Logos, Materials, and Finishes
​Bills of Materials for Assemblies

About Me

For years, I’ve used Fusion 360 as the main design software for my own product development company—helping my customers turn their ideas into reality. Additionally, I’ve been able to share my experience through teaching designers and inventors how to use this tool. Along with private tutoring, my teaching experience includes collegiate instruction through Rowan University, as well as providing training classes to institutions including the Smithsonian Institute.


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Phillip R.
Phillip R.
22:19 01 Jun 22
Matt is great to work with: skilled with Fusion 360, good communicator
Billy B.
Billy B.
22:26 08 Sep 21
Matt was very professional great communication , will use him again.

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Very good at listening, makes best effort toVery good at listening, makes best effort to tune in and respond to details; overall very good experience.

Scott N

Very engaged and knowledge-able in the subject matter. Offered to engage further should the need arise...

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my Special Offer

I offer a free 15 minute consultation!

Call or send me a message, and I'd be happy to discuss your project.​

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