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KeyshotPrivate Online Keyshot Tutors and Pro Services

Keyshot is a real-time 3D rendering software. Keyshot is used to create animations, 3D renderings, and interactive visuals. This program makes it easy to create 3D renderings without the need for upper end graphics cards.

Keyshot is a program made by Luxion, a predominant developer of rendering and lighting technology.

Jewelry DesignLearn Rhino 3D Modeling Software for Jewelry Design

Rhino’s Features:

  • Grasshopper
  • RhinoScript
  • Rhino.Python
  • RhinoCommon .NET Plugins
  • C ++ Plugins
  • Renderer Development Kit
  • Materials, environments and textures.
  • Built-in rendering window
  • Solar system
  • Custom rendering meshes
  • After effects
  • Rhinoceros skins
  • Rhino install engine
  • OpenNURBS
  • Plug-in manager
About Rhino

Rhino can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate and translate NURBS curves, surfaces and solids among other things. It is the world’s most robust development platform for special tools. It has more accessible development tools such as RhinoCommon (.NET), GrassHopper which, unlike other programming languages, does not require programming or scripting knowledge, but still allows developers and designers; loves creating codeless formulation generation algorithms; Rhino.Python, RhinoScript and Rhino Installer Engine.

Unreal EnginePrivate Online Unreal Engine Tutors and Services

Unreal Engine is the world’s most interactive and evolving Realtime 3D creation tool. UE4 is designed from the ground up to be a gaming-oriented 3D physics engine, but over the years it has evolved into a “do everything” software. UE4 can Animate, Model, Simulate, and more with its diverse tool set and blueprints. With UE4, anything is possible to create in a 3D environment.

Check out all the features that Unreal Engine 4 has to offer at

After EffectsPrivate Online After Effects Tutors and Pro Services
CAD Tutors and ServicesPrivate Online CAD Tutors and Pro Services

CAD stands for Computer-aided Design. By replacing manual drafting, CAD allows you to create models and sketches all on a computer. There are many different software platforms to choose from that our tutors are proficient in.

3D Print ServicesPrivate Online 3D Printing Tutors and Pro Services

3D Printing is sometimes referred to as Additive Manufacturing. It is the process of taking a digital file and creating a three-dimensional object. Engineers, designers and manufacturers use this service to create realistic interpretations of a product or design they are working on. 3D Printing reduces the use of materials needed in the design phase of a project by creating small models for representation rather than formulating the final product before the design is secure. There are many different software platforms used in 3D Print Services and our tutors are proficient in many of them.

Electrical DesignPrivate Online Electrical Design Tutors and Pro Services

Electrical Design allows for designers to plan and produce the needed electrical components for the functionality of various systems in a structure. When building a home, having electrical designs are not only helpful but necessary. Our tutors are able to work with a variety of software platforms that are supportive in the development of electrical design.

Photometric RenderingPrivate Online Photometric Rendering Tutors and Pro Services
EnergyPro (Title 24)Private Online EnergyPro Tutors and Pro Services

World Class Building Energy Analysis
As one of the leading energy analysis firms in the country, EnergySoft has been providing consulting services and software to clients worldwide since 1982.  We specialize in Building Energy Performance Modeling and have completed over 15,000 projects to date.

EnergyPro Software – Now ZNE Ready
Of all the software currently certified for use with the Title 24 Standards, EnergyPro is the only program certified for use with BOTH Residential and Nonresidential Buildings.  Our latest software release includes advanced modeling and reports to help you get your new projects to Zero Net Energy goals established by various agencies.  As the codes get tougher in the state, look to EnergyPro and our extensive support resources to help you achieve the efficiency needed to meet these goals.

Green Building Specialists
Looking to maximize your LEED EAc1 Points, explore potential rebates from Savings by Design, or comply with California’s Title 24? Let EnergySoft leverage its extensive array of modeling techniques, the power of EnergyPro, and our 37+  years of experience go to work for you.

MEP DrawingsPrivate Online MEP Drawings Tutors and Pro Services

MEP Drawings are required in all residential and commercial buildings for habitability. These systems are governed by local and national building codes which is the responsibility of the architect and/or the engineer. MEP stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing. These drawings allow for architects, construction workers and interior designers to see the bones of the structure and plan accordingly. MEP Drawings are essential in the building process.

Parametric ModelingPrivate Online Parametric Modeling Tutors and Pro Services

Parametric Modeling is used to automate any repetitive changes occurring in the development of products or construction. With Parametric Modeling you can monitor and gauge the duration of the project, the number of staff needed and potential costs.

Mechanical ModelingPrivate Online Mechanical Modeling Tutors and Pro Services

With mechanical modeling, you can take a concept or idea and create a 3D image. This would allow for you to engage with your idea in a way where you could visualize and plan your creation. We aren’t always able to hold intricate details in our heads. Mechanical modeling allows us to take what is in our brain and create a model so that we can figure out the specificities needed to make it work. Learn more today!

Product RenderingPrivate Online Product Rendering Tutors and Pro Services

From simple designs to complex mechanisms, product rendering offers your creations a realistic look. After making a 3D model of your idea, it is helpful to work with rendering in order to further your ability to fine-tune and market the product. We have an incredible staff that is capable of not only helping you create these renderings, but also teaching you how to do it yourself along the way. Learn more about product rendering today!

Furniture ModelingPrivate Online Furniture Modeling Tutors and Pro Services

Furniture Modeling is one of the many services found in the realm of 3D Modeling. Whether you are an interior designer or a product engineer, learning a 3D software that allows you to create models of furniture is a valuable skill in widening your marketing abilities. Furniture Modeling allows you to create life-like visualizations of the product and design you are working on. Our tutors work with a wide range of 3D modeling platforms that support Furniture Modeling.

CNC ModelingPrivate Online CNC Modeling Tutors and Pro Services

CNC Modeling uses digitized data to control and automate the functionality of various types of machines. CNC stands for computer numerical control. This type of modeling is incredibly specific and calculated in the design of products that require intricacy. Using CNC Modeling you can create customized products with a high level of detail and artistry.

Interior RenderingPrivate Online Interior Rendering Tutors and Pro Services

Interior Renderings take Interior Design to another level. While Interior Design is useful in creating the ability to maneuver various components in a structure without physically doing the work, Interior Rendering optimizes those components for a more realistic look. Interior Rendering brings a living space or work space to life and gives the buyer and developer both a better understanding of what the final project will look like. There are many different software platforms that can be used in the process of Interior Rendering and our tutors are able to work with them all.

Interior ModelingPrivate Online Interior Modeling Tutors and Pro Services

Interior modeling is a valuable skill when working with designers and builders. While interior designers work to set up the inside of the structure and create an idea of what it will look like, Interior modeling actually creates those designs on a 3D platform to bring the concepts to life. Interior modeling takes the designs and uses various software platforms to create a 3D world where designers and get a deeper sense of what the end result will look like. Whether you are a designer or architect, learning interior modeling will help boost your credibility and marketing strength.

Construction ModelingPrivate Online Construction Modeling Tutors and Pro Services

Construction Modeling incorporates the process of designing a structure, preparing the needed materials and developing a sense of cost. Construction Modeling helps keep a project efficient and running smoothly. Construction Modeling does not only use design drawings, but also looks at the bigger picture of what is needed in the process of development. Construction Modeling allows for ease of conversation for planning before construction actually begins. Our tutors work with a wide range of software platforms that are used for Construction Modeling.

Private Online BLANK Tutors and Pro Services
Construction DocumentationPrivate Online Construction Documents Tutors and Services

Construction Documents are legally binding documents that are agreed upon by the construction workers, architects and those who are paying for the construction and development. Typically, Construction Documents include adjustments for design, revisions, approval of design and agreements for the terms of payments and development. Our tutors are well-versed in the process of creating Construction Documentation.

3D Product ModelingPrivate Online 3D Product Modeling Tutors and Pro Services
3D Print ModelingPrivate Online 3D Print Modeling Tutors and Pro Services

3D Print Modeling is a useful tool whether you are preparing to present a product design or needing to create a small tool. 3D Print Modeling brings your ideas to life and into the physical world. Creating these objects allows for even more perspective on your design and the functionality of your creation. 3D Print Modeling is compatible with many different software platforms and our tutors are able to help you with whatever type you are working with.

Architectural RenderingArchitectural Rendering Services, Freelancers, andTutors

3D Architectural Rendering services and visualizations are important for many aspects in the process of building and developing. If you are trying to secure a permit or get approval to build a structure, having a 3D Architectural Rendering of your building are important in order to present the idea. It also useful in the process of advertising your building or structure. Many times, potential residents cannot view the inside of a home or apartment complex and having a 3D Architectural Rendering would allow them to visualize what the building looks and feels like inside. Finally, in the process of building your structure, having a 3D Architectural Rendering would keep the cost down for the construction. There would be a reference point for workers to utilize rather than having to blindly begin the process and identify mistakes after they had been made. All in all, 3D Architectural Rendering is a great investment for your next project!

Private Online BLANK Tutors and Pro Services
Architectural ModelingPrivate Online Architectural Modeling Tutors & Pro Services

Architectural modeling is one of the most common uses for 3D modeling software platforms. Architectural modeling allows you to create a structure digitally before construction even begins. In the beginning stages of development it is important to be able to plan and prepare your design in order to gain perspective on cost and materials. Our tutors work with a wide range of software platforms and are able to teach you from the ground up.

Website DevelopmentPrivate Online Website Development Tutors and Services
ExcelPrivate Online Excel Tutors and Financial Modeling Services

Excel is the most widely used tool for building financial models, since it allows you to easily express the relationships between various variables through formulas that relate cells. Financial models are a simplified representation of the behavior of financial assets, investment portfolios, investment projects and investments in general.

PremierePrivate Online Premiere Tutoring and Professional Services

Adobe Premier is a video editing and post-production software developed by Adobe for professional video editing. It has a customizable interface, organized in workspaces that coincide with the editing stages: assembly, editing, color, effects, audio and titles. It allows working with multiple sequences (timelines), which can also be hierarchized, one within the other. In addition to media, timelines support a number of special elements, such as adjustment layers (the same concept as in Photoshop), titles, After Effects compositions, and essential graphics.

PhotoshopPrivate Online Photoshop Tutoring and Professional Services.

Adobe Photoshop is the best editing software, the most professional and also the most complete for image retouching on the market. offers you a complete set of professional photography tools to turn them into works of art, it has advanced brushes that work as fast as you can imagine.

In-DesignPrivate Online In-Design Tutoring and Professional Services

Adobe Indesign has all the tools necessary for the designer to obtain a professional product. It is extremely useful when designing a document with many pages, since it allows us to work with layouts or page designs in which the styles are repeated. This design program is very easy to use, all its tools are designed to facilitate the combination between text and image.

Virtual ToursPrivate Online Virtual Tours Tutoring and Pro Services

Virtual Tours offer a realistic experience of stepping into a building or home and getting a feel of the space. Creating Virtual Tours expedites the process of building, buying and/or selling a structure. Virtual Tours allow for you to take a look around a home as if you were actually there. Because Virtual Tours speed up the process, the also help reduce the cost for everyone. Virtual Tours are in high demand and help set you apart from the competition. So, reach out and learn home to make them today!

Renderings (Hand-Painted)Private Online Hand-Painted Renderings Tutors and Services.
RenderingsPrivate Online Renderings Tutors and Professional Services.
Rapid PrototypingPrivate Online Rapid Prototyping Tutors and Services
Provisional PatentsPrivate Online Provisional Patents Tutoring and Services
Product Design & DevelopmentPrivate Online Product Design Tutors and Development Service
Landscape ModelingPrivate Online Landscape Modeling Tutoring and Pro Services

Landscape Modeling is a useful presentation tool that allows you to visualize an area and what type of vegetation, rocks and/or water aspects you would want to be incorporated in your design. Whether you are creating a 3D model of an architectural design or rendering a 3D model of a building, having knowledge of landscape modeling will bring your creation to life. This will give your models a more lively and realistic feel. Learn how to work with landscape modeling today!

Interior DesignInterior Design Tutors, 1:1 Lessons & Professional Services

Interior Design is one of the most common professions to use 3D Modeling. Interior Design is an incredible skill when wanting to plan or decorate a space without having to physically move things around. Various 3D Modeling software platforms such as SketchUp, AutoCad, Fusion360 and others allow the designer to formulate a desired aesthetic for a living space or work environment. Many organizations and businesses rely on interior designers to help construction homes and other real estate types. Our tutors are highly skilled interior designers who work with a wide range of software platforms to help you learn the ins and outs of this highly sought skill.

Custom 3D ModelingPrivate Online Custom 3D Modeling Tutors and Services
3D ScanningPrivate Online 3D Scan Manipulation Tutoring and Services

3D Scan Manipulation is a highly valuable skill for taking real world objects and creating cloud points for a 3D model. 3D Scanning allows you to formulate new perspectives on real world objects that might be difficult to manipulate or investigate. 3D Scan Manipulation also allows you to reproduce and replicate real world objects. Whether you are a health care professional looking to gain perspective of the human body and it’s functionality, or a mechanic wanting to investigate the ins and outs of a vehicle without having to raise the frame on a lift, 3D Scanning is a wonderful tool to have in your back pocket. Our tutors work with a variety of software platforms to help you learn this skill.

3D AnimationPrivate Online 3D Animation Tutors and Professional Services
Engineering DrawingsPrivate Online Engineering Drawings Tutoring and Services
ZbrushPrivate Online Zbrush Tutors and Professional Services

ZBrush is one of the greatest tools for digital art design.
It provides high-resolution models able to reach up to 40+ million polygons normally featured in video games, movies, 2D and 3D animation. Companies like Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Weta Digital and ILM implement different dynamic levels of Zbrush on some of their major projects and scenes.

​Zbrush combines 2.5D/3D texturing, sculping, modeling and painting. It uses ‘pixol’ technology that includes features like: orientation, lightning, color, material and Cartesian depth coordinate system which differenciate Zbrush from other traditional modeling softwares. It provides total sculpting freedom.

Zbrush gives you all the tools you need to create a quick sketch from a 2D or 3D concept. Then you can take all of your ideas and imagination to built a realistic render, with lightning and atmospheric effects. Lastly take your creation to a 3D print and convert your creativity into reality.

VrayPrivate Online Vray Tutoring and Professional Services

V-Ray is a great 3D render and simulation tool.  Created for artists and designers, the 3D rendering software will allow you to visualize the unimaginable. Make photo-realistic images with the best computer rendering software.  V-Ray is used on multiple industries such as entertainment, media, films, video game productions, industrial design and architecture. V-Ray engine combines global illumination algorithms, photo mapping, path tracing and computed global illumination. A first class CPU-GPU software ready to help you convert your creativity into animation, special effects and virtual reality.

Visual LightingPrivate Online Visual Lighting Tutors and Services

Wondering what your Lighting Layout will look like after installation?

Rest assured with Visual Lighting! Our experts at Tutors and Services can show you how to find the exact luminescents at every square inch of your room, space, or exterior area!

With the integration of Manufacturer Specifications (.ies Files) and 3D Model importation, we can show you how quick and easy it is to create the perfect ambiance.

Need Photometric Calculations immediately? Our Team is available 24/7 to help you get the necessary documents to meet any deadline!

Twinmotion1:1 Twinmotion Help, Tutors, Classes, and Pro Services

Twinmotion is an immersive real time 3D software that produces high quality images, panoramas and 360 VR videos. ​The software is optimized for architecture, construction, urban planning and landscaping professionals. Twinmotion combines an intuitive icon-driven interface with the power of Unreal Engine by Epic Games. Extremely easy to learn and use, regardless of the size and complexity of the project, the materials, the user’s digital knowledge or their preferred BIM modeler. Direct synchronization with ARCHICAD allows users to move from the BIM model to a VR experience in only three clicks.

SolidworksSolidworks Tutors and Professional Modeling Services

Solidworks is perfect tool for product and manufacturing design. All in one program you can design, simulate, estimate costs, run manufacturability checks, create sustainable design options and manage data. Use the built-in analysis tools to predict your product’s real-world physical behavior by virtually testing CAD models. With specialized tools for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, molds, CAM and DFM your designs will be ready for implementation quickly and efficiently. Add electrical schematics or robotics to your design if needed. Solidworks CAM uses rules-based technology that enables you to integrate design and manufacturing in one application during the design process.

RhinoPrivate Online Rhino 3D & Grasshopper Tutors and Services

Rhino can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate and translate NURBS curves, surfaces and solids among other things. It is the world’s most robust development platform for special tools. It has more accessible development tools such as RhinoCommon (.NET), GrassHopper which, unlike other programming languages, does not require programming or scripting knowledge, but still allows developers and designers; loves creating codeless formulation generation algorithms; Rhino.Python, RhinoScript and Rhino Installer Engine.

PodiumPrivate Online Podium Tutors and Professional Services

Welcome to the rendering process simplified. ​Podium brings awesome photo-realistic rendering that uses a high-end raytracing engine. It uses multi-threads to be able to optimize your CPU and uses a GPU powered by NVIDIA Iray. Podium is developed to turn your SketchUp model into and advanced quality image. The user interface is easy to use and does not require any advanced  rendering skills.  Podium gives your sketch realistic renderings, lightning, reflection, refraction and material properties. Create 360 panoramic presentations with the best camera angles to be able to impress your next client!

Lumion1:1 Lumion Rendering Tutors and Professional Services

Lumion is a great photo-realistic rendering program that is easy to use and delivers great results. Made specially for architects and designers. Lumion is the perfect tool for 3D modeling, it brings to life detailed and captivating environments.Turn a simple CAD model into an astonishing 3D standout view.

Lumion’s user friendly platform allows you to create and model your final project in a couple of hours.   Amazing tools like LiveSync are available to help you visualize 2D sketches into real-life environments.  Over 5,600+ objects including interior furnishings, exterior landscapes, fine detailed trees and green areas, people, cars, shrubbery and more.  Over 1,200 materials available in the Lumion Pro Version.  Create amazing images, videos and 360 photo-realistic panoramas. Lumion has more than 10 years of development and it was designed to be stress free. The user friendly platform allows you to complete every ambitious project in no-time.

MayaMaya Tutors and Professional Services Available Online Now

Maya is the perfect program for 3D animation. With Maya you can make 3D models for virtual reality, character creation, simulation and so much more. Use fluid, cloth and particle simulations along with the UV toolkit, bullet physics, interactive hair and fur grooming, and 3D type to create fully realized 3D environments.

​Create professional level animation with camera sequencer and data and scene management such as node editor, file referencing, Alembic support and scene assembly. The Maya pipeline and integration with MEL scripting, Python scripting and custom plug-ins helps the process or 3D animating. Start creating your digital world today with a tutor!

InventorPrivate Online Inventor Tutors and Professional Services

Inventor is the go to program for 3D parametric modeling of mechanical parts. Inventor has a vast array of tools that can model parts, combine multiple parts in an assembly, create part motion in assemblies, create 2D drawings based on 3D models that are compatible with AutoCAD, create exploded part diagrams, model stress and strain on parts, and so much more. There are even sheet metal design templates that can create 3D sheet metal items from scratch, or a flat pattern that can outline the 3D model on a flat stock of sheet metal. Inventor also has a freeform tool, that allows for very precise modeling of complex shapes and designs. With this program, there are no bounds except for the users’ imagination.

EnscapeGet Help Rendering In Enscape For SketchUp

Enscape is a virtual reality tool that allows you to create real-time architecture rendering, engineering and construction. Create realistic visualizations of architecture and engineering with a nice friendly user interface.  A real-time simulation is implemented to optimize the speed of a planned project.

Enscape uses Vulkan and OpenGL 4.3 providing photo-realistic representations of the underlying CAD models. With the help of physically based material models and a path-tracing procedure the global illumination can be visualized realistically. Every CAD change will reflect instantly on your Enscape project.  Transform your CAD data into a real-time dynamic simulation that allows you to present an awesome project to your client.

Civil 3DPrivate Online Civil 3D Tutors and Professional Services

Civil 3D is the perfect tool for all civil engineers! It is an infrastructure design and documentation software. It supports (BMI) Bulding Information Modeling. Using Civil 3D will direct you and your project towards performance boost, maintaining consistent data, and responding faster to workflow changes.

Cinema 4DPrivate Online Cinema 4D Tutors and Professional Services

Cinema 4D is the perfect tool for all 3D developers who want to achieve incredible design results at a timely matter. Either if you are a beginner or a Pro, you will have access to a wide range of features and tools to develop multiple 3D skills and obtain stunning results. Cinema 4D is very easy to learn but also an extremely powerful tool which allows users to jump right in and take control. The Cinema 4D platform is followed by a large skilled community of professionals, ready to guide you in the right direction. Cinema 4D is part of a German company called Maxon.

BluebeamPrivate Online Bluebeam Tutors and Professional Services

Bluebeam Revu is used by 94% of top US contractors, 92% of top design-build firms and a requirement for many Authority Having Jurisdictions like the Division of State Architects (DSA).


Whether you or your company needs to ramp up their Bluebeam skills immediately or want to begin consistently integrating more efficient practices, the experts at Tutors and Services are here to make the learning process easy and concise by giving you just what you need!

BlenderOnline Blender Tutors, Classes, and Pro Blender Services

Blender is an open-source 3D creation software. It contains a variety of 3D features like rigging, modeling, 3danimation, simulation, motion tracking, and rendering.This comes all down together to create a nice picture landscape or video rendering on a 2D or 3D editing interface.

​Blender is a stable platform and a full stack software, created by a community of independent nonprofit organizations of individuals, established in Amsterdam Netherlands.

SketchupOnline Sketchup Classes, Zoom Tutors & Professional Services

Sketchup is a great visualization program that puts the power of 3D modeling in the hands of everyone. What was once only possible with years of technical training, can now be learned in just a few lessons. Sketchup is great for kids too.  We have taught all ages from 10 to 75.

Sketchup allows users to transfer an idea, into a visual 3D model, and eventually into reality using digital manufacturing processes like 3D printers and CNC machines. You can also use your model for design exploration and construction documentation for traditional building methods. Models created in Sketchup can also be brought into virtual reality. You can explore your future home with a VR headset! Sketchup is a Universal 3D Modeling Program with Countless Applications. Users can create architectural structures, virtual 3D gaming worlds, 3D printed objects, 3D Art and more.

Anything that can be imagined, can be created. Imagine drawing or doodling an idea on a piece of paper.  Now imagine doodling with virtual geometric 3D shapes: cubes, cylinders, spheres, cones, domes, and more. Now you can doodle quickly in 3D. The possibilities for creation are endless.

AutoCADPrivate Online AutoCAD Tutors and Professional Services

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design program that can create 2D and 3D drawings and models. With solid, surface and mesh modeling, you can create realistic images. Features like quick measure and annotations for leaders, tables, text and dimensions, AutoCAD is perfect for construction professionals, architects and engineers. Automatically create floor plans or add ducting, circuiting or piping. When your design is finished, you will have automated cutlists, schedules and tables. With a tutor, there is nothing AutoCAD can’t do.

Fusion 3601:1 Online Fusion 360 Tutors, Classes & Pro Services

Fusion 360 is a computer-aided design software with multiple workspaces that allow you to create and manipulate both parametric and free-form 3D objects. Fusion 360 is designed from the ground up to be an intuitive and powerful CAD software, keeping both hobbyists and professionals in mind. Workspaces are different layouts contained within Fusion 360 that are focused on a particular subset of 3D modeling. These workspaces allow you to:

  • Produce photo-realistic renderings of your model in the Render workspace
  • Simulate tool paths and generate G-code for CNC in the Manufacture workspace
  • Perform stress tests on your model in the Simulation workspace
  • Create exploding animations and more using the Animation workspace
  • Make dimensioned drawings of your 3D part in the Drawing workspace

The capabilities of Fusion 360 along with its intuitive nature make it a great CAD software to learn and use for your projects and designs!

RevitPrivate Revit Training & Classes Online

Revit is the tool top architects are using. This in-depth 3D program has everything you need to go from design to implementation through analysis, simulation, documentation and communication.

​While working in the program, Revit automatically updates floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D views to make sure all work is streamlined and accurate.

Go further into your design with plumbing design and documentation, reinforcement detailing with rebar schedules, and construction modeling and coordination. Render in the cloud with Revit so your whole team stays up-to-date and informed. Revit has the tools for architectural design, MEP and structural design, detailing, and engineering, and construction.

Whether you are a brand new to Revit or looking to enhance your skills, a 3D Modeling Tutor can help make this sophisticated technology easy to understand so you can focus on your design.