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We are a team of tutors and freelancers that are hire-able on an as-needed basis for professional help with your projects.

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Harry K - ZBrush Modeling, 3D Scanning and Sculpting Tutor


  • Blender
  • ZBrush
  • 3D Scans
  • 3D Print
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Harry K

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Zbrush Tutors and Services

We are a team of tutors and freelancers that are hire-able on an as-needed basis for professional help with your projects. Call us with a quick question, or a big project. Our availability is flexible. We teach remotely, so you can learn from the comfort of your home, from the jobsite, or from the beach! We teach classes via Zoom screenshare, so we can see each others’ screens and cursors. It can take hours to search online for 1 simple piece of information, but just minutes to ask your private tutor.

Company Reviews

Juan is a gifted teacher and his SketchUp course is carefully geared to the needs of people focused on the architectural profession.
Simon K.
Simon K.
01:41 11 Sep 21
Geoffrey was great to work with for he was able to transform my 2D concept into a practical 3D landscape using Sketchup.
Chad R.
Chad R.
15:48 09 Sep 21
Matt was very professional great communication , will use him again.
Billy B.
Billy B.
22:26 08 Sep 21
Tim at Tutors and Services has taught me Sketchup. His patience and communication skills are top level! Recommend him highly.
jim C.
jim C.
22:04 08 Sep 21
Harry tutored me on the Zbrush program, very valuable and appreciated.
Zoltan D.
Zoltan D.
17:28 02 Sep 21
Great job and very professional.
Kris H.
Kris H.
15:21 31 Aug 21
I have been using their services for a couple years now and they always do a excellent job!
David Z.
David Z.
20:57 27 Aug 21
Kyle has been helping me for several years with Sketchup, he is great to work with.
Jeffrey M.
Jeffrey M.
15:32 27 Aug 21
Harry helped me out with Zbrush over the course of a couple of sessions, and his advice was very useful! Helped me to understand the program much better. I'll probably end up asking him for help again soon.
Jake L.
Jake L.
02:59 23 Aug 21
Google Rating
Based on 135 reviews

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  •  ​3D Brushes
  • Polypaint
  • Illustration
  • Transpose
  • ZSpheres
  • ​GoZ
  • Best Preview Render
  •  DynaMesh
  •  Fibermesh
  • ZRemesher
  • ​Shadowbox
About Zbrush

ZBrush is one of the greatest tools for digital art design.
It provides high-resolution models able to reach up to 40+ million polygons normally featured in video games, movies, 2D and 3D animation. Companies like Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Weta Digital and ILM implement different dynamic levels of Zbrush on some of their major projects and scenes.

​Zbrush combines 2.5D/3D texturing, sculping, modeling and painting. It uses ‘pixol’ technology that includes features like: orientation, lightning, color, material and Cartesian depth coordinate system which differenciate Zbrush from other traditional modeling softwares. It provides total sculpting freedom.

Zbrush gives you all the tools you need to create a quick sketch from a 2D or 3D concept. Then you can take all of your ideas and imagination to built a realistic render, with lightning and atmospheric effects. Lastly take your creation to a 3D print and convert your creativity into reality.

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