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We are a team of tutors and freelancers that are hire-able on an as-needed basis for professional help with your projects.

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Customized 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. Don’t waste time & money in class. Learn only what you need for your specific projects, and nothing more!


Share screens with us to cut costs and learn along the way. More communication increases our understanding of your project.


Hourly rate or fixed price for agreed upon deliverables and deadlines.

Our Civil 3D Tutors & Freelancers

Kevin F • $35/hr
Civil Designer / CAD Manager for Land Development
Software I Teach
• Civil 3D
• Infraworks
Services I Provide
• 3D Modeling
• Permit Drawing
• Architectural Plans
Andrew H • $60/hr
CAD, Rhino, GIS Tutor for Beginner to Intermediate
Software I Teach
• AutoCAD
• ArcGIS Pro
• Enscape
• Grasshopper
• Illustrator
• InDesign
• Photoshop
• Rhino
• Twinmotion
• Civil 3D
Services I Provide
• Architectural Rendering
• Construction Documentation
• Landscape Modeling
• Parametric Modeling
• 2D Drafting

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Civil 3D Tutors and Services

We are a team of tutors and freelancers that are hire-able on an as-needed basis for professional help with your projects. Call us with a quick question, or a big project. Our availability is flexible. We teach remotely, so you can learn from the comfort of your home, from the jobsite, or from the beach! We teach classes via Zoom screenshare, so we can see each others’ screens and cursors. It can take hours to search online for 1 simple piece of information, but just minutes to ask your private tutor.

Reviews of Tutors and Services

Joseph R is a great tutur... just a few classes and I'm advancing fast on my project
Adan G.
Adan G.
15:57 24 May 23
Sorry my frustration leaked your way. I just might have it right this time. Got both my machines printing well. With Sketchup, I used Cleanup 3 and Solid Inspector 2.I might just have it right this time. Printing now, but the first couple of layers are looking great! Boy, its been a slow learning curve, but you are a great teacher!
Richard S.
Richard S.
13:59 19 May 23
Mike was a fantastic help. He quickly and effortlessly fixed my Fusion 360 models and explained better ways to create toolpaths. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone needing help with Fusion 360.
Ted S.
Ted S.
02:17 11 May 23
I highly recommend Chris Smith. He has a detailed knowledge of Autodesk Inventor and is a patient teacher. He listens, politely offers an explanation of how the software "thinks" in a given situation and then provides a solution. He'll often offer tips to save you time and money with this program. I use his services regularly.
David F.
David F.
18:30 03 May 23
Geoff was a great instructor! He did a one-on-one session with me on SketchUp and was very patient and easy to follow. Thank you for all your help Geoff! I would definitely recommend using him as a tutor! I will be using him in the near future to further my skills in 3D!
Kiefer U.
Kiefer U.
15:23 01 May 23
Very knowledgeable and professional.
Ronnie L.
Ronnie L.
18:45 27 Apr 23
So glad I found you! You understood my issue and certainly provided a quick turnaround time.
Leva S.
Leva S.
12:51 11 Apr 23
Geoff and his team are great to work with and provided great results that surpassed our expectations. We received the preliminary design in a few short weeks that allowed us to visualize the final product and provide more details for Geoff and team to add.We would recommend Geoff and his team to owners, contractors, and builders!
Scott H.
Scott H.
16:58 30 Mar 23
Andrew was amazingly helpful. Patient and easily reachable even though we are in different time zones. I could not have completed my project without him.
Tracy W.
Tracy W.
19:37 18 Mar 23
Google Rating
Based on 218 reviews

Civil 3D Services We Provide

We can help!
  • Collaboration for Civil 3D​
  • ​​Connector for ArcGIS
  • ​Dynamo for Civil 3D
  • ​Bridge design
  • ​Pressure network
  • ​New transit and rail design features
  • ​Surface modeling
  • ​Site and survey
  • ​Corridor modeling
  • ​Storm and sanitary
  • ​Plan production and documentation
About Civil 3D

Create stunning 3D assets from start to finish with Substance 3D. With Painter, texture your asset using a fast and familiar interface. Easily modify existing paint strokes with layer manipulation and view changes in real-time. Use Stager to assemble and stage 3D scenes in a virtual studio. Drag and drop 3D assets, materials, lights, and cameras to set up the perfect shot. Then, export photorealistic rendered images or share in AR. With Designer, create materials with complete authoring control using a node-based workflow. Try everything and adjust at any time to suit your materials for any scenario, giving you infinite variations to choose from.

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