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We are a team of tutors and freelancers that are hire-able on an as-needed basis for professional help with your projects.

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Sean M - Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Tutor for Beginners


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  • 3D Modeling and Drafting
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Inventor Tutors and Services

We are a team of tutors and freelancers that are hire-able on an as-needed basis for professional help with your projects. Call us with a quick question, or a big project. Our availability is flexible. We teach remotely, so you can learn from the comfort of your home, from the jobsite, or from the beach! We teach classes via Zoom screenshare, so we can see each others’ screens and cursors. It can take hours to search online for 1 simple piece of information, but just minutes to ask your private tutor.

Company Reviews

I've been interested for a while in finding someone to walk me through the Sketchup with instruction and pace tailored to my intended use for woodworking. I wasn't really shopping around, but I saw this tutoring service and inquired. From our initial conversation it was clear that Tim understood exactly what I was looking for and, having now completed a couple sessions, that's exactly what he's provided. Very pleased.
15:29 26 Jan 21
The tutor was very good, and provided very clear explanation. Very gentle for someone starting. Shanthi is very responsive and she knows her trait very well. I would Highly recommend her. J
Jaime F.
Jaime F.
17:25 23 Jan 21
Excellent work with attention to details, great ideas and quick turnaround. Curt Adams did an amazing Job and I'm extremely happy as a first time client. He is obviously at expert level on Sketchup.
Horace L.
Horace L.
23:09 20 Jan 21
Love working with Tim, he's made me feel so confident about working with Sketch Up!
Sebanna Home D.
Sebanna Home D.
21:54 15 Jan 21
Austin has been a great Fusion 360 Tutor! Lessons have been taught over Zoom (and in a different country). He's been professional, organized a good communicator and an effective teacher.
Jeff H.
Jeff H.
20:01 12 Jan 21
Kyle T is a great Tutor!Very helpful, answered all my questions, we covered a lot and I am excited to work on my drawing.
Michelle R.
Michelle R.
17:36 08 Jan 21
Kyle was very helpful with solving my Sketchup issues! Much appreciated!
Jill B.
Jill B.
22:06 06 Jan 21
I am very pleased with this service. Austin Jones has been amazingly capable and patient with the challenging project that we have been working on in Fusion 360. I would highly recommend this this service to anyone.
Thomas Snyder J.
Thomas Snyder J.
19:34 04 Jan 21
Very nice and insightful
Chelsea T.
Chelsea T.
15:16 30 Dec 20
Google Rating
Based on 49 reviews

Inventor Services We Provide

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  • Mechanical Engineering
  • 3D modeling
  • Creating Parts
  • Creating Assemblies
  • Creating 2D Drawings
  • Stress Analysis
  • Free Form/Mesh Modeling
  • Drafting
  • Product Design
  • 3D Renderings
  • 3D Part Animations
  • Exploded Diagrams
  • Machining
  • 3D Printing
  • Product Development
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Mold Design
  • And Much More…
About Inventor

Inventor is the go to program for 3D parametric modeling of mechanical parts. Inventor has a vast array of tools that can model parts, combine multiple parts in an assembly, create part motion in assemblies, create 2D drawings based on 3D models that are compatible with AutoCAD, create exploded part diagrams, model stress and strain on parts, and so much more. There are even sheet metal design templates that can create 3D sheet metal items from scratch, or a flat pattern that can outline the 3D model on a flat stock of sheet metal. Inventor also has a freeform tool, that allows for very precise modeling of complex shapes and designs. With this program, there are no bounds except for the users’ imagination.

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