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We are a team of tutors and freelancers that are hire-able on an as-needed basis for professional help with your projects.

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DeLayne R - Unreal Engine 4 and More for Beginners


Unreal Engine 4

  • Level Editing
  • Landscaping
  • Foliage
  • Content/Asset Awareness (Bridge, Quixel, and Megascans)
  • Hardware and Software Compliance (Ensuring efficient settings to hardware)
  • Collision and Bounds

Other Software for Unreal Engine 4

  • Bridge
  • Quixel
  • Megascans
  • Mixamo
  • Turbosquid
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DeLayne R

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Unreal Engine Tutors and Services

We are a team of tutors and freelancers that are hire-able on an as-needed basis for professional help with your projects. Call us with a quick question, or a big project. Our availability is flexible. We teach remotely, so you can learn from the comfort of your home, from the jobsite, or from the beach! We teach classes via Zoom screenshare, so we can see each others’ screens and cursors. It can take hours to search online for 1 simple piece of information, but just minutes to ask your private tutor.

Company Reviews

Sean Was very helpful and patient, as he helped me with all my AutoCAD needs. I will definitely be working with him again.
Ava H.
Ava H.
23:05 07 Apr 21
Harry Kleeman helped me with ZBrush the other day and I learned so much in an hour and a half! I couldn't recommend him enough, he's very knowledgeable and patient!
Mister M.
Mister M.
14:34 05 Apr 21
Geoff B. with Sketchup on TutorsandServices is a delight to learn from! He is reliable and easy going about teaching simple ways to understanding Sketchup. I rely on him periodically.
Milena A.
Milena A.
13:02 01 Apr 21
We set up an appointment quickly for my 10 year old son. He loves 3D printing and wants to learn to model items himself. Austin met with him over Zoom and my son is very happy with the results. Look forward to booking future sessions.
S T.
S T.
19:17 29 Mar 21
Shanthi is wonderful. She took my vision and put it on paper/digital. I could not ask for more.
Gary C.
Gary C.
16:23 27 Mar 21
Austin was great, patient and took the time to help me get what I needed done.
michael M.
michael M.
19:16 26 Mar 21
My tutor, Austin Jone's helped me with Fusion 360 and picked up on my project requirements very quickly. He demonstrated tools and workflows that will help guide my project. I certainly plan on meeting with him again. I am very happy I decided to use this service.
Paul R.
Paul R.
15:28 26 Mar 21
Austin is incredible. knows his 360 back and forth. Helped me make something super fast, with great detail and communication. I couldn't be happier
Patrick B.
Patrick B.
01:41 26 Mar 21
Michael H is my tutor and instructor in Sketchup Software at TutorsAndServices. Micheal is an highly knowledgeable, outstanding communication skills and a remarkable master teacher for Sketchup. Michael reminds me of many of my professors when I was attending Graduate School at SCI-Arc, Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. I would encourage everyone interested in learning Sketchup to contact Michael H at TutorsAndServices.
Jerry M.
Jerry M.
17:23 25 Mar 21
Google Rating
Based on 91 reviews

Unreal Engine Services We Provide

Resource Management (Pipeline Integration)

Outsourcing is a major part of the work flow in Unreal Engine. Assets and objects used will often come from different software and programs. Unreal Engine seamlessly integrates and adapts with the different formats and converts them accordingly.

3D ACIS .sat
3DEXCITE DELTAGEN .fbx (CSB not supported)
3DXML .3drep, .3dxml
Autodesk 3ds Max .udatasmith
Autodesk Alias .wire
Autodesk Inventor .iam, .ipt
Autodesk Revit .udatasmith
Autodesk Navisworks .udatasmith
Autodesk VRED .fbx
Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 .CATpart, .CATproduct, .cgr
Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks .sldasm, .sldprt
ESRI CityEngine .udatasmith
Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) .ifc
Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) .iges, .igs
JT Open .jt
MAXON Cinema 4D .c4d
McNeel Rhinoceros .udatasmith
Parasolid (x_t) .x_t
PTC Creo (Pro/ENGINEER) .asm, .creo, .neu, .prt
Siemens NX .asm, .prt
Siemens PLM XML .plmxml, .xml
STEP .step, .stp
Trimble SketchUp Pro .udatasmith


Animation and Cinematography

Animation and Cinematography have been evolving and making huge leaps in the last 40 years, but Unreal Engine is here to take the median to the next step. Learn how to sequence, nonlinear editing, and skeleton manipulation to help your characters come to life and the world around them.

Check out some Animations here

Camera Movement and Sequencing

Landscaping and Architecture

Level Editing, Landscaping, and Digital Environments create the atmosphere and the environment in which we play in. With out them, the user would not feel immersive. Get ready to learn every aspect of making a great and believable dense scene!


It is easy to make a simulation, but to make it look good, that is where Unreal Engine comes in. With a multitude of options and an infinite amount of possibilities, even the wildest of physics based simulations can come to life in Unreal Engine.


Check out some Simulations here

Going Down the Stairs

Down the Cone

Chairs, Chairs Everywhere!

Calm Waves

Wild Waves




We can help!

AI Creation
Architecture Design
Author/Story Development
Environment Development
Game Design
Gameplay Programming and Learning
Gameplay Testing
Level Design
Media, Audio, and Framework Development
Pipeline Integration
Rendering, Lighting, and Materials
Simulator Technologies
Special Effects and Visual Development
Unreal Engine Workload Development
Virtual Reality Technologies and Development

About Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the world’s most interactive and evolving Realtime 3D creation tool. UE4 is designed from the ground up to be a gaming-oriented 3D physics engine, but over the years it has evolved into a “do everything” software. UE4 can Animate, Model, Simulate, and more with its diverse tool set and blueprints. With UE4, anything is possible to create in a 3D environment.

Check out all the features that Unreal Engine 4 has to offer at https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/features

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